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Chủ đề: [Album] BoA - Identity

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    Post [Album] BoA - Identity

    BoA - Identity
    Release Date: 2010.02.10
    Genre: Pop, R&B, Dance
    Language: Japanese

    BoA's seventh J-pop album Identity invites fans to all-new dance numbers, ballads, and collaboration songs. The album includes her recent hits Bump Bump! with m-flo's Verbal and Mamoritai - White Wishes -. Perhaps the most outstanding part of this 13-track release however is that BoA makes her debut as a producer.

    01 This Is Who I Am
    02 EASY
    03 BUMP BUMP! feat. VERBAL(m-flo)
    04 LAZER
    05 interlude#1
    06 is this love
    07 interlude#2
    08 まもりたい ~White Wishes~
    09 ネコラブ
    10 THE END そして and… (album ver.)
    11 Possibility duet with 三浦大知
    12 fallin'
    13 my all

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