Lawrence Omboto says”Take courage comrades this is a heart breaking, disturbing and disgusting scene”!

Ifeanyi Obiekezie says” I have never seen anything like this before! The Asian appetite for “exotic” taste sometimes scare me – from stories of cat eating to dogs, to lizard, snakes to all sorts of crazy fish, then human embryos and now to fully grown humans! The photo of the person you are about to watch could have been somebody’s fiance, husband or Dad! This looks too real to be true.

How I wish all black leaders watch these photos and give guidelines of who they allow to migrate into their countries. The time has come for black (Africans, American, West Indies etc) to rise and unite together against attrocities committed by foreigners on them either on their soil or abroad. Time to pray to God is now”!
Elizabeth Asung says “Could this be true? God forbid!!! This is unthinkable! what is going on”???

The human body, black, ready to be sliced for a great meal in Thailand. It is wise for everyone to know who is next door!

This man is either from Europe, Carribean, Africa or America. The black fresh dish is so delicious in Thailand. Who is your neighbor where you live?

Some where in the forest after kidnapping this man from where he was and killed him.

Cutting the head

A black man's fresh is being prepared for a nice Thai dish. Do we have United Nations?

The head is chopped and placed at a place they would be loooking before they start removing the skin.

This lady is happy.

Pieces of human fresh

So watch this scene and go eat meat from Thai or Chinese restaurants.

Are this government officials from health department? Which uniforms are this?

Boil the black human fresh.

Are this people really allowed to travel to other countries? Do governments think that missing persons are slaughtered in any country for meat to be served in restaurants?

Lokk at this man. He has to take out all the human fresh around the head ready to be cooked.

This man is making final touches on the human head. Can world health organization ban Thai food?

It is being cooked in the drum ready to eat a very enjoyable meal

They have cooked human fresh and are eating happily. Why should Thai Restuarants in any country not be inspected for missing persons cooked fresh

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