Bộ sưu tập 55 bức ảnh vượt ngoài giới hạn (Out of bounds photo) thể hiện tính sáng tạo, trí tưởng tượng tuyệt vời của các nhà thiết kế.

Train - LikwitSnake

DUC Crossing - Charlie

Kids Out Of Bound - Lorenzo Pasqualis

Barco - Jacilopesdossantos

Guy - Gali

The final frame - just.K

Reaching out to my friends By Jeff Engelhardt

Firework OOB

Where's he going? - bftcc

Wheeeeeeeeeeee! - ru-blossom

The lady loves chocolates - Lucky Del

The flock - Micah A. Ponce

The Escape - Shiggedyswa

The Boss - Firenzesca

Surfing folly OOB - Micah A. Ponce

Stop thief! - Micah A. Ponce

Scorpion, Koh Chang – Thailand - Mike LaPalme

Perhaps you should try this instead… - JumpinJack

Out Of Bounds - Chiselgrind

Snail - TiredTom

O Brother Where Art Thou? - Micah A. Ponce

Um dia no park - Artes No Photoshop

Bigfoot oob - Serrator

Delfiner - Moccadonna

klaus-og-den-røde-sodavand - Moccadonna


Fair Fun - Micah A. Ponce

Ain't Lion - Micah A. Ponce

Your Timing Out - eddie gunn

Itsy Bitsy - Micah A. Ponce

Yaoworat Road, Bangkok - Mike LaPalme

Welcome to the Great Wall of China - edhelien

Reaching out of Bounds - Xverzo

Put Me in the Picture - pennyeast

Sisters for DP Review - Andre W

Margaret Harkerville - Andre W

My first - kallerhult


Chiiron - Chiiron

Amatola Waterfall - Andre W

Hold No Boundaries - chocolatepuppy

Margaret Outeniqua Road - Andre W

Izak & Irene Fish River Canyon - Andre W

Dino Fun - Serrator

Horsedrive - Andre W

Fish - Sahfofa

Ready for Launch Sir - dela7

Handing back to Mum By Ru-blossom

Interactive - MarkSheinin

Maria Chiara By Il_Madmax

La Fragua de Vulcano - Agustin C. Barranco

To the Spitfires - PG63

Reaching - Kizotina

Swing - sillycelly

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