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Chủ đề: Alien Raiders (2008) | Tử chiến quái vật ngoài hành tinh (Viễn tưởng - TMTV)

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    Mặc định Alien Raiders (2008) | Tử chiến quái vật ngoài hành tinh (Viễn tưởng - TMTV)

    Alien Raiders (2008)
    Tử chiến quái vật ngoài hành tinh


    Đạo diễn: Ben Rock
    Diễn viên: Carlos Bernard, Mathew St. Patrick
    Thể loại: Hành động/Viễn tưởng
    Quốc gia: Mỹ
    Năm sản xuất: 2008

    "Alien Raiders" is a film about a small western supermarket, that upon closing one night, is sieged by a band of what-seem-like street thugs that come roaring out of a van with video cameras and shotguns. They mean business, and several shoppers are blown away in cold blood as the place is locked down. All looks criminal and familiar until a thin, odd looking man who arrived with the armed gunman starts to grab people by the head, one-by-one, and "scan" them. His is psychic, and looking for aliens. In essence, "Aliens Raiders" reveals itself as a story about an elite-team of alien hunters, that have been following the trails of an infestation, looking for the king alien. Once identified and taken out, destroying the king would mean an end to this plague of possession. Months and years of underground research have led this team to a small supermarket, where they proceed to lock down and scan the people captured, one by one...


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