People have always been fascinated by animated pictures. Put your pictures on the screen. With AquaSoft ScreenShow you can create your own photo screen savers, complete with impressive transitions and background music. And all this with just a few mouse clicks. You can use the screen savers on your own PC or distribute them, e.g. via email.

Slide show functions
• Slide shows with transitions, rotations* and text zoom*
• Captions for your photos
• Use EXIF- and IPTC-data for image captions
• Background music - all common formats are supported
• AquaSoft ScreenShow can load slide shows, that were created with AquaSoft ® SlideShow Deluxe or Studio, incl. all animations
• ScreenShow is a stand-alone program or to be used as plug-in for AquaSoft ® SlideShow Deluxe or Studio
* with imported slide shows, that were created with AquaSoft ® SlideShow Studio

Screen saver functions
• The screen saver restarts the show at the same position where it stopped. This way you don't always see the show from the beginning.
• Random replaying order of images is possible
• Replay with or without sound
• Settings can be changed at any time

Distributing screen savers
• Distribution of screen savers are possible - Only a single SCR-file needs to be copied.
• Easy installation of the created screen savers
• ZIP-function - to keep the download of the screen saver small
•To be used on your own PC or to send it via email

Size : 10 MB