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Chủ đề: Software Testing

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    Arrow Software Testing

    Software Testing presents one of the first comprehensive guides to testing activities, ranging from test planning through test completion for every phase of software under development, and software under revision. Real life case studies are provided to enhance understanding as well as a companion website with tools and examples.

    Software Testing: Testing Across the Entire Lifecycle provides the fundamental concepts and approaches to software testing. The topic is important for two reasons. First, according to US Government surveys there has been an estimated $59.5B in business losses since 2000 due to poor quality software. Second, based on the authors� inability to find experienced software testers to address some of the estimated $22.2B testing opportunity, the current pool of experienced software testers is already gainfully employed.

    The topic merits a book because in the authors� opinion there is no single, comprehensive software testing textbook available that gives novice testers the whole picture. There are a large number of narrowly scoped, deep textbooks that are excellent for experienced testers, but they tend to leave the novice tester confused and discouraged. Our task is to provide the novice tester with a complete coverage of software testing as it is practiced today, as it will be practiced in the future, and as a viable career option.

    This book takes a four-fold approach. First, it examines the general mind-set of a tester using non-technical examples like buying a car. Second, it examines the structured approach that emphasizes test planning. Third, it examines the choices of software testing approaches and when during the software development cycle they are normally used. Finally, it walks the reader through a software development project from end to end, demonstrating appropriate use of the software testing approaches previously discussed on an individual basis.

    Chapter 01 - Overview of Testing
    Chapter 02 - The Software Development Lifecycle
    Chapter 03 - Overview of Structured Testing
    Chapter 04 - Testing Strategy
    Chapter 05 - Test Planning
    Chapter 06 - Static Testing
    Chapter 07 - Functional Testing
    Chapter 08 - Structural (Non-functional) Testing
    Chapter 09 - Performance Testing
    Chapter 10 - The Testing Environment
    Chapter 11 - Automated Testing Tools
    Chapter 12 - Analyzing and Interpreting Test Results
    Chapter 13 - A Full Software Development Lifecycle Testing Project
    Chapter 14 - Testing Complex Applications
    Chapter 15 - Future Directions in Testing. References


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