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Web APIs are a set of application programming interfaces that can be called over standard Internet protocols. Web APIs and Web services are finally getting real attention in the mainstream. Various types of Web APIs are now available from leading technology companies such as Google, Amazon, eBay, Microsoft, and others. Federal Express, UPS, and many other leading companies have recently released or are working on Web APIs as well. Most of these companies offer a free account for limited use of their Web APIs, but some charge a fee for certain levels of usage.

If you like the idea of generating applications that capitalize on the services of some of these wellknown companies, or if you just want to learn from what these leading companies are doing to aid you in implementing your own Web APIs, then this is the book for you.

Who This Book Is For

The ideal reader has had prior experience with Microsoft .NET development, such as WinForms and WebForms applications because most or all code examples will be written with .NET. However, the book also provides general explanations that will be useful for people who are familiar with other languages. Thus, prior .NET development experience is not required, but people with prior .NET development experience will find the code examples more familiar and easier to follow.

What This Book Covers

This book provides a handson guide to using some of the most popular Web APIs in software applications. It provides the nutsandbolts details on how several APIs work, and then offers numerous examples of how to use the APIs in real world situations.

While reading this book, you will learn:

* Basic concepts of Web APIs
* How Web APIs can be used for professional application development
* How to call Web APIs using SOAP over HTTP
* How to call Web APIs using HTTPGET (REST)
* How to call Web APIs using HTTPPOST
* How to use the Google API
* How to use the MapPoint API
* How to use the Amazon API
* How to use the eBay API and SDK
* How to use the PayPal API
* How to locate additional APIs
* Some thirdparty extensions of existing APIs
* How to create your own API
* How to call Web APIs from Microsoft Office applications
* How to call Web APIs from mobile devices
* How to use multiple APIs together in realworld case studies