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Windows Vista Gamer Edition with Directx10 2009 x86 SP1 ENG Ver June | 1.63 Gb


Windows Vista Gamer Edition 2009 x86 SP1 DK / Windows Vista Gamer Edition 2009 x86 SP1 ENG ( 2 in One DVD in just 1.57GB ) !!

This version is based on Windows Vista Ultimate ENG SP1 x86 (Denne Version Er Baseret På Windows Vista Ultimate X86 ENG-DK SP1)

What is special about Vista Gamer Edition 2009? (Hvad er Special Om Vista Gamer Edition 2009 ?

As you can see from the photos this Edition includes:

# Ability to choose which language you want to be installaed between Danish and English
# New Icons
# New Logon Screen
# Enhanced Graphics Perforamce which gives your system maxium gaming
# New Shellstyle
# Gaming Wallpapers + Original Vista Wallpapers
# Blue Task Manager

Automatic integrated 3rd Party Programs: During first Logon, windows will hold on black screen to install this set of Apps
# 7-zip

# Winrar

# Combined Community Codec Pack

# Klite Codec Pack

# Notepad 5.1++

# Power ISo

# Quick Batch File Compiler

# VLC Media Player

# Adobe Flash Player Plugin

# Adobe ShockWave 11

# Eset Nod32 Antivirus Business Edition v3.0.684

# Mozilla FireFox 3 Dansk

# Image Burn

Graphic Card drivers are in installation Drive, Example C: Graphic Drivers

ATI Drivers in one Pack:
4800 series
4600 seies
3600 series

Nvidia Drivers in One Pack
Geforce 8 Series
Geforce 9 Series
Geforce 200 Series
DirectX 10 May 2009 Specially Modded For Extreme Gaming!!!!!!
IMPORTANT: Because of the nature of the modded DX, you will need to
manually choose the windows Theme since it will be Windows Classic on first logon

Tweaks Til Windows:

# Show Super Hidden Files

# DEP execution enabled

# Fully Automated setup you need to choose language and partition only

# New look for Windows Media Center

# Improved the performance and reliability

# In All 108 Registery Tweaks Added To This System
Removed Components:
Printer Drivers
Modem Drivers
Sample Photos
Windows Defender
All Languages Except Danish & English
Tablet PC settings
Movie DVD Maker
Windows Mail
Burn ISO to DVD

http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=88cc6d6b254d2f91111096d429abd3600e74f760 0faf82fab8eada0a1ae8665a

Pass: www.update24h.com

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