Day release : 22/03/2009

Size : 3.4 GB ~ 1 DVD

Type : Real-Time Strategy

Language : Multilanguage

Publisher : SEGA
Lead from the front. Control units and issue commands while viewing the battle from the 3rd-person POV of any unit on the battlefield. The 3rd-person camera offers unprecedented immersion in the game world and presents warfare in a more visceral, emotional, and epic manner than ever before. The first fully 3D RTS. Gone are the flat levels of traditional strategy games. Engage in warfare on battlefields comprised of sprawling cities and towering skyscrapers that let you play in a truly 3D environment.Revolutionary console RTS features. Groundbreaking control method for quick and intuitive controls. The ‘Tactical Playbook’ gives players all the strategic choice they get from a traditional RTS,but with the simplicity and accessibility of a playbook.Advanced ultiplayer features. Multiplayermodes eature "join anytime" unctionality, previously only seen in first-person shooters and a breakthrough for console strategy title.


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