Filename: Dead.In.3.Days.English.DVDRip.Xvid.TFE.avi
Filesize: 732973056 Bytes (699.02 MB)
Streams (i.e. Video, Audio): 2
Video Stream
Comression: xvid - XVID MPEG-4
Avg. Bitrate: 890.20 kbit/s
Resolution: 624x336
Color Depth: 12 bits
Running Time: 5706.78 s (1h 35m 6s)
Framerate: 23.9760 fps
Microseconds Per Frame: 41708 ms
Frames: 136826
Keyframes: 1407 (Every 97)
Audio Stream
Wave Type: 85 - MPEG Layer 3
Avg. Bitrate: 128.00 kbit/s
Sample Rate: 48000 Hz
Bit Depth: 0 Bits
Channels: 2

Info: A clique of teenagers begins to receive life threatening cell-phone
messages that warn "In three days you're dead" and they soon begin to die at the hands of a shrouded killer. One girl in the group is the only one who discovers a mysterious clue leading to the assailant's identity, but as the body count rises and the slayings become more and more vicious, no-one outside of her group wants to believe her and time is running out...

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pass: hvanhtuan

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