If you haven’t heard of Chaos Intellect before now, you’ve missed out! We have years of experience making great contact management software, as featured in our award winning contact manager called Time & Chaos. Chaos Intellect combines this powerful contact manager experience with a great email client that hits the sweet spot for users like you!

Casual User

* Advanced functionality but intuitive and actually easy to use!
* Import data to get everything jumpstarted. Grab data direct from MS Outlook, or via Text CSV files, Excel Spreadsheets and MS Access Databases.
* Our entire program and data files can be run from a USB flash thumb drive!
* Use a USB flash drive to synchronize your data with multiple computers.
* Get Calendar alert reminders even when Intellect is not open with our memory-resident alarm service.
* Great spam fighting options with email from people in your contact list automatically protected!
* Instantly locate all data based on a simple keyword or keyword combination.
* View your data in many intuitive ways, including an all-in-one Classic screen.
* Create and send full HTML email messages with inline images that can dazzle.
* Live spell check on records and email messages.
* Every contact has a “business card” with links to automatically dial phone numbers, visit web sites, send faxes via MS Fax, Skype dialing, and links to online map services to get directions to a client’s location.
* Its easy to move data and email (including account settings) from and to new computers.
* Easy to use “drag and drop” interface

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