Cài đặt chương trình sẽ giúp chuyển đổi giao diện máy tính của bạn từ XP sang Vista một cách hoàn hảo.

Các phần sau sẽ được chuyển đổi :
• Boot screen
• Welcome Screen / Logon Screen
• New msstyles files (visual styles)
• New desktop and file icons
• New toolbar icons
• Progress Dialogs
• Sounds scheme
• System Tray icons
• New Wallpapers
• Windows Media Player Skins

Ngoài ra còn có thể tùy chọn các chương trình con để hỗ trợ giao diện :
• ViSplore - Vista Glass explorer simulator
• Vista Drive Icon - adding free space percentage in your drive icon like Vista explorer
• Vista Rainbar - Lightweight Vista sidebar based on Rainmeter that even consume less resources than real Vista Sidebar
• ViStart - Files indexing for documents search, improved reliability and compatibilities
• ViOrb - Improved graphic and reliability (C++ re-written)
• TrueTransparency - Improved reliability with improved AeroStyle's glass border
• WinFlip - Improved stability and reliablity
Trong phiên bản 9.0 này, có các thay đổi sau :
-Added Gavatx's Vista Rainbar 4.3 (Slim) in place of Thoosje's Vista Sidebar
-Added large icon resizing option for high resolution monitors
-Added Personalization setup screen for configuring current user account before installation
-Added running ViStart, ViOrb and ViSplore to WindowBlinds and TrueTransparency's exclusion list (prevent stability issues)
-Added ViSplore project (Vista Glass Explorer for Windows XP/2003)
-Added Vista Drive Icon in place of Vista Windows Drive Icon
-Added Windows XP Service Pack 3 uxtheme patching compatibilities
-Fixed automate 3rd-party applications optimization requirements
-Fixed graphic driver detection issues in transformation package for cases that doesn't use the first slot of driver
-Fixed OS detection incompatibilities with Windows Vista
-Fixed possible errors when auto-configuring user account during installation without "Express Mode"
-Fixed Thoosje Sidebar's auto-configuration bug on some resolutions.
-Fixed uninstallation script to terminate newly added applications such as WinFlip, TrueTransparency, etc.
-Fixed Vista orb positioning in "System Properties" dialog
-Fixed WindowBlinds' installation detection bug in configure user account dialog
-Updated Aero Style's glass border for more visibility and less distortion for both WindowBlinds and TrueTransparency
-Updated AeroStyle's glass border in TrueTransparency to simulate "little-blurring-like" WindowBlinds
Vista Transformation Pack 9.0.1.rar