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VMware Workstation continues to be the most advanced virtualization software for desktop and laptop computers. The 6.0 release further strengthens the product’s leadership in providing the broadest, deepest OS support (both host and guest); best-in-class virtual machine architecture; the richest desktop user experience; and an unmatched set of value-added features to enhance the productivity of technical professionals and the organizations they serve. The new features of VMware Workstation 6.0 include:

* Support for Windows Vista (both guest and host OS)
* Multiple monitor display – span the VM display across a second monitor
* Support for USB 2.0 devices – including high-speed storage and iPods
* VMware Converter for effortlessly creating a new virtual machine from a physical disk
* The ability to remotely access the console of a VM from a VNC client
* The ability to run virtual machines in the background without the Workstation UI
* Integration with leading IDEs, (Visual Studio and Eclipse)
* Continuous state record/replay capabilities
* Experimental support for paravirtualized guests
* Complete list of new features in Workstation 6.0

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