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Chủ đề: Người Hùng Ðảo Bình Châu 30/30 Tap. Link Mega

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    Mặc định Người Hùng Ðảo Bình Châu 30/30 Tap. Link Mega

    Người Hùng Ðảo Bình Châu 30/30 Tap (2007-Oct-17)

    In the first 6 episodes, Jackie is transferred from the "fei fu dui" to the small, peaceful police station in Peng Chau. The main reason is because the #1 criminal in Hong Kong, "Goo Wai Foo" is after him because Jackie killed his younger brother during a shootout.

    Roger is just released from jail in the very beginning of the series. Roger was also involved in the robbery of the armored truck, but he was forced into the scheme. Jackie shoots him in the arm during the shootout but he manages to escape back to Peng Chau where his family lives.

    Jackie meets Poon when "Goo Wai Foo" was trying to kill him at the hospital. They start dating soon. Jackie meets Jessica in Peng Chau and she doesn't like him very much. She thinks he's a pervert because she ran into him with her bicycle and they both fell down together. When she got up, she ended up with his handprint on the front of her shirt. Later, she thought he was peeking at her when she was changing but it was actually one of her younger brother's friends.

    Jackie has a hard time adapting to the peaceful island. He's used to the action and the danger. Therefore, he expects a lot from the cops who work under him. The other cops in Peng Chau dislike his attitude as a "perfectionist" in his duties and therefore don't get along with him. Jackie woke them up one morning and made them go jogging up a very steep hill =) This scene was really funny because all the cops were out of breath, some wanting to puke.

    I guess you'd call it "yuen ka lo zac" but Jackie ends up renting the upstairs of Jessica's house. She's still pissed at him so she charges him an extra $1000 for the rent. It's also kind of ironic because Roger is living in the same house as the cop who shot him (They both don't know this though).

    Phim dạng : DVD Rip
    Phim dai : 30 tập
    Link size : 440MB
    Host : Megaupload

    Watch Online


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