College girl Danielle (Lucio) lies to her parents about her spring break plans and sneaks away to the fun-filled beaches of Florida with her two best friends. Soon after arriving, she falls for Shane (Smith), a handsome young blue-collar local working to raise college money.
While on vacation, Danielle seeks out her brother, Charlie (Wayne Thornley), a graduate student at the Florida Maritime Institute, whose thesis is on tiger sharks. Charlie cautions his sister to stay out of the water. He suspects that a large number of sharks are in the area due to a new artificial reef that was built to attract tourism.

Caught up in spring break fun, Danielle forgets her brother's warning. However, on an overnight boat trip she and her friends are viciously attacked by a group of sharks. As they find their way to safety on an islet, the reality of the danger hits them even harder when the body of a friend washes ashore.