Version 24:
• new poses: photoposes (Garden of Desire), sideways (lifted), missionary (lifted)
• new tool: candle with dripping wax
• new cloth/accessoires: nipple chain, latex outfit, blindfold
• new customizations: change the nipple shape, color of toe and finger nails, change pubic hair shape and color, change eye shadow and eyeliner
• new features: up skirt (Cloth / Lower body), deep pink (tight pussy camera shot special pussy customization), squirting (female ejaculation), improved sound effects, download improvement, new loading screen
• two additional automatic speed modes: orgasmic, insane
• new mouse cursor for enhanced usability

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+ Version 23:
• new poses: 69 variations, bondage handcuff pose
• new room: dreamroom with angel metamorphosis
• new tools: whip, paddle, gag ball, handcuffs, tongue, bunny tail
• special: boob customization, little bruises caused by spanking
• GUI improvement: white selection-circle = pickable target, red selection-circle = invalid target

+ Version 22:
• new outfits: school girl, cowgirl, black and red latex
• new models: Nami and Yui
• new room: classroom
• new accessory: neckband and necklace
• technical updates: new option to disable surround sound