Rurouni Kenshin

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From the end of the XVIII century, Japan had to solve serious problems of foreign and inner politics: on one side, the pressure of foreign powers, in particular from America, obliged the emperorto break off with his isolationist attitude and to open to the western world; on the other, numerous popular putsches started on a revolutionary process that took to the end of the shogun of Tokugawa. In this period of conflicts and bloody fights, a man distinguished himself for his pitiless violence, the samurai Battosai Himura. He was nicknamed the killer samurai because his reprisal consisted in cutting in two whoever met on it's way. It was his blood-soaked sword to inaugurate the new Meiji age. With the end of the revolt, Battosai disappeared from the circulation, but it's name remained in the legend like example of limitless force.
Now Himura has decided to abandon the Battosai name and he is called Kenshin. He's in continuous wandering for the entire Japan, and he always carries with him a reverse-blade sword, that if used as a normal sword it cannot cut anything. His wondering takes him to Tokyo, and it's here in the capital that the Battosai will newly make talk about him...

These are the first words that exit from the pen of the great Nobuhiro Watsuki when introducing the protagonist of this fascinating manga: KENSHIN, WANDERING SAMURAI (RUROUNI KENSHIN). It is an historical manga, where the invented vicissitudes of the protagonist find as background the history and the personages of Japan of the Meiji age, with their contradictions and the difficulties of a fundamental period of the Japanese history.

Give me the sword of justice, show me the hate to put it through!