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Chủ đề: 1 phụ nữ Nga 28 tuổi nhảy lầu tự tử ở tầng 38

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    Mặc định 1 phụ nữ Nga 28 tuổi nhảy lầu tự tử ở tầng 38

    I'm not sure about this 28 year old Russian woman falling from her rented "38th floor" condo unit balcony of her rented condo unit, but that's what the media release says. I would have expected more damage to her body.

    Anyways, she was vacationing with her female cousin in a very upscale condo unit (a newly built Asoke building) when her fall took place.

    Bangkok police haven't been able to determine if the woman's death was a suicide or the result of foul play.

    But they were able to quickly determine that she had silicone implants in both butts cheeks: one popped out when she landed...but where was the other one?

    Well, the guy crawling up the face of the building is going to get the second butt implant that was caught on a section of the 4th floor where the woman hit on the way down..





    5. Oops...now everyone knows...



    8. Atleast he brought a plastic bag...


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